Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Year - New, New Me!

G'mornin...technically, I suppose mid-morning or noon. But whatev.

Tons o' folks tracked my crazy progress and boot camp from back in the summer. I tweeted. I FB'd. I even updated MySpace(aww, don't despair little buddy...people still go to you periodically for music or to spam and hawk their latest wares.) If I was even more of an attention whore...I probably would have even sent stuff to Friendster(yes, I still have an account.) I got lots of emails and questions about why. About how. About what. It was an inspirational story of triumph and redemption. Okay, maybe not THAT much of a Jaclyn-Smith-Lifetime-Movie tear jerker. But it was good.

And it's that time again.

I've been detoxing and prepping for the New Year and New HealthBootCamp that I am embarking on. The challenge: Only organic food. As healthy as possible. As do-able and "real world" as possible. Total health/life makeover. Exercise, working out, and general fitness included! Smoking has to go. Drinking-nope. Bad food, chemicals, and other nasties...out! The smoking one I'll get more into at a later date...but it's WAY harder than I anticipated and I may(doubtful, but may) have to apologize to all of the cry babies that went before me on that path.

And I am gonna be honest. I am nervous as hell. Monday, January 18th begins the harder-core part that I am super excited over, but at the same time...dreading. I'll do my best not to commit any vicious crimes against persons(real or imaginary) during the first week. Luckily..I've got a day and half left to cheat a little before the real hard-core stuff kicks in.

So, I am sitting here in my home office...drinking my decaf coffee('s a placebo, but it makes me happy, k?), sweetened with agave and creamed with soy milk...wondering what I am gonna wear today. (It's to go to work at Rainbow, so the Tom Ford is out, right?) and contemplating a quick run(meh, it's sprinkling, so that's not so likely) before I have to go talk about bioflavinoids and if there is an herbal version of Extenz for 6 hours. Oh, and if we still don't have water, God help the soul that takes down that "CAUTION" tape in front of the bathroom(no cig today...*hiss*).

On second thought, who am I'll probably be Tom Ford.