Thursday, June 14, 2012

Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark

What is scary? What are you afraid of? What really creeps you out or makes you cringe? Are you a "scaredy-cat"? Or does anything get to you? I love being scared. I don't love it in the exact moment, but I love watching a scary movie. I love someone surprising me or jumping out. I love the idea of being scared.

As I have matured, the typical horror and gross-out things don't really scare me these days the way they did when I was a child. There are few things that shake me to my core from the typical horror genre.

Maybe it's my age. Maybe I have just learned that mostly: Whatever happens, happens. I prepare, do my best, pray and hope for the best. What can fictional monsters do to me? What can my imagination and my own fear do to me? Nothing...

Proverbs 13:6: "Righteousness protects the innocent; wickedness is the downfall of sinners."
I can watch a movie about a Freddie, Michael or Jason and not react nearly as badly as I would have, when I was younger. But a movie about a man kidnapping someone for torture (a 'la The Last House On the Left) freaks me OUT. Why? Because people are crazy and hateful and there is a much greater chance of some redneck fool attacking my baby sister, than there is of a metaphysical dream warrior seeking revenge generations later for his horrible burns, through magic and fear. Or that's the way I see it. Straw Dogs = Freak me out. The Hand That Rocks The Cradle = Freak Me Out. Changing Lanes = Freak Me Out. But something like... The Others, or Red Riding Hood, Devil, Amityville, etc... Those don't scare me. Those I can deal with... the fantasy of evil and being scared. Real evil exists. And it will creep into your house.

Most things don't make me cringe. I think seeing what I see at work everyday, working in healthcare, and government, and defense... you loose some sensitivity to surgery, picures of organs, etc. You lose some sensitivity to collateral damage and to working on saving the most viable of things. But some things that conjure thoughts STILL make me cringe. For instance, I was given a link to look at today, by a gentleman of some repute I follow on Twitter .

Okay, THAT makes me cringe. It's something that could happen. Maybe it won't happen to me, and probably not at my local Ruby Tuesday's or Outback Steak House... but it COULD. And that makes me cringe and close my eyes. It also reminds me of "Scary Stories to Tell In the Dark" and the entire series. The one about the spider that laid eggs in the womans face and they began to crawl out... AND the illustrations from that book series were so surrel and creepy for the 80's/90's.

So, what scares YOU?



  1. Possession movies, because I know that can happen, Criminal Behavior because I know there are psychos out there who get off on that kind of stuff. My sister's driving? Nah, that's tame... ;)


  2. EXACTLY, Zette... Exactly. Possessiony, Catholic, unsolved mystery types always freak me out. Probably because of the way we were raised and I know there are things out there. Definitely the Straw Dog, redneck crazies scare me. YOUR driving is tamer than Melody's - but HER driving scares ME. Ha.