Wednesday, September 7, 2011

#DailyProverb Sep 7

Basically, Proverbs 7 is about staying away from slutty, enticing women. Basically... but what a huge lot to hang on girls.

Obeying this... and really delving into the literal nature of this chapter is 'No problemo' for me. I am not likely any time soon to be led astray or enticed by a girl, lady, or aduteress. I am strong. I am manly. And I am a big ole girl... But, seriously... that doesn't help me in my quest to read Proverbs every day and glean some type of wisdom from Solomon. This project is important to me. So, what does the text actually say and mean for me? My son... blah blah blah, stay away from sluts, married women, and fancy beds of whores. Mm'kay....

Now, granted, in today's society, that's kind of misogynistic to assume that the woman is who leads men astray and that the man plays no part in being "enticed". I could insert a joke here. One about how true this is. A joke that men are generally thinking with the wrong head. (they are...) Or a joke du jour about how they (we...) are all like boys or children that ARE easily led astray. And those jokes would be true. Sadly, sadly true. Even the most tried-and-true-blue-blooded-good-as-gold-guy will be, at a minimum, visually stimulated. At. A. Minimum. And the flip side of this coin... the other side of the joke is that he will be enticed and lured and stimulated by gorgeous, but skanky woman in a push up water bra asking for another round.

Don't believe me? Hit the 'Bulldog' on a Friday or Saturday nite... Everyone is out doing eeveryone else. The girls are dressed to impress and the guys are strutting around like peacocks vying for the attention. It is really something. Everyone is out for a reason... And it isn't for the cuisine of a chain restaurant... But, there is more, however; Much, much more to all of this. The game. The chase. The wanting... I think this is just an old fashioned way, or parabillic way of presenting information. I think the "she" here is proverbial. Like a boat, or a car...

And for the next section, I think that just might be apporpriate: The "She" is someting you want. Something that you want to have. Something you want to want you. Something you want to be yours. Sarcastic Newsflash: Men are competitive. Men are aggressive, competitive, and possessive. We like to conquer and then own. We are childish, and don't like to share. We don't care for CO-anything. There is one boss. One leader. One... To quote "The Highlander"... There can be only one!

I don't always understand the nature of man. I dont understand the need for One... but I have to admit: As the writer, I have it. I am that way. There is a core drive inside me to win. To be the best and to conquer. That leaves me vulnerable to be enticed...

By "her"... "She"... "She" can entice you beyond your comfort, and eventually hurt you. "She" can make you want things that you never wanted. Need things. Need them in a way that doesn't make sense or let you sleep. "She" can make you work a second job and leave spending time with your family just to have "her". "She" can make you steal. "She" can make you lie to your family. To your friends. To your lover. To your boss. To yourself.

Good lord, who the hell is this bitch? I am reading back what I wrote and she sounds either super powerful and awesome... Or she sounds manipulative and awful. And the fact is: "She's" both... That is just the truth. Like you and me, "she" has both good and bad. That is a truth we can all relate to. The "she" of the American Dream. The "she" of keeping up with the Joneses or Smiths or... Kennedys. It's that "she" that makes you spend an extra 20K on a house mortgage you shouldn't. "She" makes you trade your car in to impress your neighbors, and family. When you are loved as is, your old car ran fine, and you are worried that you cannot afford a new car. Maybe "she" makes you pull out a credit card for a frivolous purchase during a recession and damn near depression in our economy.

Clearly, the underlying message here is an overarching one in the chapter: Beware of things that seem too good to be true.

Beware a deal, a job, a car, a mate, a home, or anything that makes you compromise too much. Beware. Think some of these things through? Is a new experience with a lover worth losing the respect of a partner? Is the rush of owning a new object worth the stress of overtime and paying late credit card fees? Is the joy of enjoying lavish food worth the next day's shame and next year' waistline? Can you justify the money spent on "good times" and wine and frivolity, when your car needs a taillight and you need a new computer? Is drinking that third, fourth, and fifth drink worth the stress on your partner, and the disappointment felt by everyone later?

All of this is something I definitely need to be on a continuous look out for in my life. People offer fun, fame, and good times. But at what cost? People offer love, friendship, and adoration.... but at what cost? What is "she" costing me? What is the cost sometimes of being MichaelK? I think that might be, or should be, one of my next blog series. To do the analysis and analytics of what I spend to be me. And what could I spend to be just as happy and healthy and settled? Not just the money... although, believe me honey... it takes a village. But, seriously, what does it really cost me in myself, in my wallet, in my integrity, in my heart? In my relationships? What is it that I give up to have my job, money, lover, house, friends, and life???

What does "she" cost you? What does your life cost you?

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