Tuesday, February 7, 2012

#DailyProverbs February 7, 2012 - Wisdom is Precious

#DailyProverbs 7:2-4
Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It has been said that Wisdom is Precious. I don't think "they" mean a big inner city girl, either. Although the kind of wisdom she had was hard-won and earned through trials and tribulations. There is definitely that kind of wisdom. The kind that you get by going through an experience and coming out on the other side, you know what you have been through. And hopefully, you know how to navigate either away from negative things, or steer successfully in ways that help you.

Yes, they say that Wisdom is one of the most precious things you'll ever acquire. And it has taken centuries and eons to prove that adage true.
2 Do what I say, and you will live. Be as careful to follow my teaching as you are to protect your eyes. 3 Keep my teaching with you all the time; write it on your heart. 4 Treat wisdom as your sister, and insight as your closest friend.
Even thousands of years ago, someone wrote a proverb begging his children to stay smart and keep some wisdom about them. To protect it, as they would each other and a sibling. To treat insight like a close friend. To cover it and ensure its safety like one would protect their eyesight...

What can this tell us today? The same thing, dummy. Get smart, get wise. And if you are lucky enough and last long enough to actually gain some insight and wisdom... KEEP IT!! Protect it, love it, and let it help and serve you well.


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