Saturday, October 19, 2013

"Quit reading peoples' opinions on the Word of God, and read the Word of God." --Dedie Cooley
I'm all for study. I'm all for reading and sharing ideas of study. I like reading others' opinions and what they have studied. But... And here is where I LOVE this quote... at some point - you have to determine in yourself what scripture means to you, and for you.

You can read the Cliff's Notes for any great work of literature, but you won't get the same impact as if you read the literature for yourself. You can read someone's review of a film, book, or television show - but it's not the same as watching for yourself and determining what it meant to you... how it affected you.

Scripture is deeply personal, and how it affects you, and how you interpret and apply that scripture is just as personal. Yes, it takes more time, and more study. Yes, it is harder, and it requires lots of boring cross-referencing and lots of application. But the result is a much more intimate and the end result is a much more in-depth knowledge of "what you know."

One unexpected side-effect is that you also become less insecure about other people having the right to their own beliefs. If you know a scripture, and live a scripture, and trust what you've read and researched, a picture on Facebook, a quote from someone that people misuse, and other people freely practicing their own religious beliefs tend to not bother you as much. Why? Because YOU have done your work, your own "homework" and you don't feel the need to react negatively to every piece of "information" that "threatens" your beliefs. Your foundation is secure, and your beliefs are secure due to your study and your sweat equity you have invested in them. Everyone is entitled to research, believe, and live as their conscience dictates to them.

Peace and love, y'all.
ツ✔ Cheers, #JustBeingMichael ツ

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