Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Civic Duty

#DailyProverbs 24:11 "Don't hesitate to rescue someone who is about to be executed unjustly. You may say that it is none of your business, but God knows and judges your motives. He keeps watch on you; he knows. And He will reward you according to what you do."

"... you may say that it is NONE of your business, but God knows and judges your motives."

Since 1775, there have been 1.32M deaths of US Soldiers in wars the US has participated in - some 900K were in active combat, and the remainder were casualties of war. From the very first act of treason we perpetuated on England, through the Revolutionary War and down through today... that's a lot of dead soldiers. One of the very rights they die for is the ability that citizens of this country have to vote. Exercise your right today, as a free, tax-paying citizen of this country and use your voice. 

Besides your civic and patriotic duty, yes... duty... to educate yourself on issues, candidate platforms and your own conscience as a guide, you would do well to ensure that you are aware of your sovereign and spiritual obligations to "do good." (James 4:17 tell us that to know to do good, and do it not is a sin.) Do not let your opportunity pass you by. Do not turn your head to the need that you can fill and the obligation you have to be an active participant in your local, state, and national elections. If you are seeing entire peoples disenfranchised, abused, and maligned... do your part, civically, to help correct that. While I am a STAUNCH believer in the separation of church and state, and for varied and good reasons, I am also a STAUNCH believer that God can speak to your heart and that you should vote your conscience and ensure that the "least of these" are protected. (Matthew 25:40 tells us that we are to help bear the burden of the lowest common denominator. We are to help with the "least of these.")

I pray every day for my family, my friends, my church, and yes... this country. (Hebrews 13: 17 tells us to submit ourselves to those in authority over us. We are to pray for them, pray that God gives them sense and purpose, and we are to support them through civics. If we disagree, the law has provided for non-violent dissent, protests, and the ability to vote and create change. If we would only do it...) I pray for our country because I am afforded the privilege being a citizen of this country brings: unencumbered, unadulterated, religious freedom. I am afforded the ability to worship God as I know Him and see fit. I am afforded the ability to vocalize my beliefs without recrimination from the government, and I am afforded the ability to share those beliefs. I am also afforded the ability to use my vote to support those that I feel do the best job for the local city, county, state, and national governments. Maybe that doesn't always align with ONLY my religious beliefs, or yours, but for the greater common good of an entire society and world... I vote accordingly.

Like I said, and like 1 Timothy 2:2 says, there will be kings and authorities over us. We are to pray. We pray so that we may know peace. I pray. I pray every day that people with power will get some sense. I pray that people with sense will get some power. I pray that God sees fit to sustain and protect us in the interim.


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