Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July 8, 2014 - Daily Proverbs

#DailyProverbs 8:22-31: #Wisdom
“The Lord created me first of all, the first of his works, long ago.
I was made in the very beginning, at the first, before the world began.
I was born before the oceans, when there were no springs of water.
I was born before the mountains, before the hills were set in place,
before God made the earth and its fields or even the first handful of soil.
I was there when he set the sky in place, when he stretched the horizon across the ocean, when he placed the clouds in the sky, when he opened the springs of the ocean and ordered the waters of the sea to rise no further than he said.
I was there when he laid the earth's foundations. I was beside him like an architect, I was his daily source of joy, always happy in his presence — happy with the world and pleased with the human race."

This is one of my FAVORITE passages in the Bible. Not only because it rivals Isaiah and Job in pointing out that it's God that flung the stars into space and God that carves the oceans out with his hands, but also that it points towards education and a love for knowledge and wisdom. Regardless of your fear or anxiety, don't be afraid to go into a deeper knowledge of the world and of God. Looking through a microscope and seeing something new will not negate God. And believing that if there is a design, then there's a designer won't negate the fact that science and math happen. Find out how things work... see the handiwork of a designed creation in action. See that even if you believe in evolution - how it fits into a design; how it fits into a plan.

Don't be afraid of education, and don't be afraid of a leap of faith.

#GitToGittin #GetYourWisdom

Cheers, #JustBeingMichael ツ

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