Thursday, July 31, 2014

July 31, 2014 - Daily Proverbs

So much of our lives we are taught to have faith.
And conversely, we are pushed to accept fact.

Why are these at war? Science requires faith in the scientific method. We “trust” that carbon dating and empirical evidence are “truth.” We acknowledge that knowledge is an invaluable asset, yet we mock it.
People used to respect education and intellect, but it’s become something people want, and they want to reap the benefits of knowledge and the prestige of being honored and considered learned – but they also mock it. They don’t want to put the hours of study in; they don’t want the sacrifice that comes with the education. Likewise, with faith, they don’t want the trial that comes with proving faith. They don’t want the hours of “study” required to feel comfort in a scripture.

[When did we become so cold towards study?]

Does cellular activity offend you? Does the fact that all life’s energy is found to be born from the mitochondrial cells of known animal and plant life? Does the Kreb’s cycle and the splitting of cells cause you to feel that God’s mystery is less? Who do you think designed that intricate process? Who do you think made the “measure of Grace” to each man and gives every living being a certain number of cellular power plants that will only run for the length of their days? This is preset from the DAY YOU ARE BORN that your body is designed to run, using mitochondria, the Kreb’s cycle, and cellular regeneration. You have the same number for your whole life, they are ALL working in children, thus tons of energy, and why old people get tired… their mitochondria shut down.

Why is knowledge something that people assume negates a God? I think it confirms the existence of a designer, a planner, and a creator. Let knowledge and learning enhance your faith, not threaten it. Let science teach you the wonders of a big universe and an even bigger God, not make you question it.

Proverbs, as an entire book, and a sacred text, acknowledge that the smart person, the wise person will seek, push, beg, borrow, steal, and thirst after learning. The wise person will be hungry for more knowledge. The wise person wants to be corrected and know mistakes and want to do things correctly. People seem to take pride lately in their “street cred” and seek the safety in numbers of not being educated. They don’t mind lack of writing or speaking skills. Grammar has basically become non-existent. Scientific facts no longer matter in matters of faith or politics. People use tragedy as political platforms and ignore live, hurting, real humans - humans that need knowledge. Humans that need knowledge to bolster their faith.

Be more. Be better. Study to show that you are worthy of the world you walk around in. People have made catch phrases that the fact of being born gives everyone the RIGHT to everything and that’s just not true. We are not all created equal. Not everyone is born with the same physical build. We are not all of equal strength. We are not all of equal mental prowess and we are not all of the same health levels. Why does cancer strike one and not another? Why does addiction strike one and not another? Why do we have some with gifts and talents but not others? I could say it rains on the just and unjust. I could say that each person has their own path and own journey to travel.

[Blah. Blah. Blah.]

The truth is that it doesn’t matter. In the day to day, the big picture reasons of WHY you go through something, or are denied something or have to work harder for something don’t matter. You just do. It may not be “fair.” Your perspective on fair isn’t my perspective on “fair.” Your take on right and wrong and your sense of morality may not be my exact take on right and wrong or my sense of morality. But that’s moot. The bottom line is you have got to learn. You have got to study. You have got to grow.

You be better. You do better. You work harder just to be equal. You study more just to be ready. You dig deeper to find even a portion of the faith. Do not believe the lie that science is bad to know and knowledge is for those that mock God. There was a time in scriptural history that the learned were those that had a privilege.

Believe scripture.
Believe God.


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