Thursday, September 13, 2012

Deep Space Photographs... Magnificent!

Who doesn't like pretty pictures from the universe?

This article is hilarious. Now, y'all be careful, because it is riddle and rife with bad words and suggestive language, but the author is absolutely correct in his assessment of the magnitude and simple gorgeousness of the universe around us.

The #1 spot-and the most amazing to me-is when they pointed the Hubble at some "black sky" and there were no stars and nothing to see. This is what the Hubble brought back:

Now that may not seem TOO impressive until you realize that those are not stars. At all... Check out the 110MB 6400P pic here and you'll see in GREAT detail that each point of light is a GALAXY!

I don't know about you, but that's MIRACULOUS to me, and not a little bit intimidating. Just me - out in the universe. I am small and unknown as one spec on this one planet in this one solar system in one galaxy among tens of thousands of galaxies in the universe.


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