Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Basic 101 Introduction Into the Complicated Schizophrenia of MichaelK

How do you do, I…. See you’ve met my….

Let me be perfectly clear up front: You will probably be offended if you are either too far right, or too liberal. I am pretty middle of the road.

Why, Michael? Well, for one, I am very, very liberal on human rights issues. And I am very, very conservative on other issues. Mainly fiscal stuff and basic constitutional and religious rights. I mean, srsly... why can’t I as a gay man, be free to be openly Christian and proud of that, when most gays are shunned by churches and religious folk in America? No, not everyone that goes to church is hypocritical or homophobic, and not even that many that I personally know… But the media and extreme religious right think that I am surely hell-bound. Or why, as a gay man, can I not get married in a country that I was born in, and that I pay taxes in.


And why can’t the fact that I have Mexican-American grandparents that came to this country legally and through proper channels bias my view of people of any nationality coming here illegally? My family had to do it the right and proper way, why can’t everyone? I want people to be free to express any religious views they want to. I want people to be equally represented for the taxes they pay. I want immigrants to come to our amazing country and become citizens and follow their dreams. Just like the principles this country was founded on when the original settlers were fleeing persecution in Europe. Just like when their issues weren’t being represented and they were being taxed, just like the dreams they had for a better life and equality for themselves and their descendents. Of course, when that didn't happen quite that way, the Revolutionary war happened…

I digress; this isn’t a book or blog about politics (there will be some politics). It is really more social commentary and my views on the world (note: MY views. Get your own blog for YOUR views). For some reason, from the time I was little, people have always asked me for opinions or advice. And I like talking about my opinions. Go figure!

I will give you a HUGE spoiler up front: most of this is pretty funny. Well, it’s funny to me. But, only selfishly and in my head can I honestly say that it’s because I am really funny. I can’t fully or wholeheartedly take credit for that. Aside from genetics [and a hilarious family that I draw from]; It is truly, only because everyday truths and observations tend to make us laugh. The sad, droll, everyday life of almost every human (no matter how interesting they seem) is really funny. The news, even when it pisses me off, and makes me frustrated and want to effect change, is funny. Stereotypes are funny. Parodies of current news, events, and scandals rock the airwaves of radio morning talk shows, television talk shows, and even nightly talk shows of all genres. Some people get offended, some people laugh. Eh, what can you say? It’s just humor…most of the time.

Yep. Life can be pretty hilarious.

Conversely, life can be pretty tragic. Friends can come to you in confidence about a real or perceived problem. At that moment, sometimes, you need to drop what you are doing and ensure that they are okay. Make sure that they feel loved and secure. Make sure that they understand that you can stop the comedy and actually care. People don’t feel that enough these days, in my opinion. It’s hard to see where anyone cares very much about anything that isn’t directly related to them. It’s a delicate balancing act for everyone. What do you do when something is funny, or comically funny; and what do you do when it’s time to put that aside and help someone?

Well, that’s exactly what I try to figure out every day. I try to be the best friend I can to my friends and family, while still being true to myself and finding a way to laugh at life. Overall, I can honestly say that is probably why I feel schizo somedays. One thing I can say is that this is not a spoof. This isn’t politically charged, even though there are tons of politics in it. This isn’t religious, even though there is spirituality and religion in it.

Honestly, this is not meant as ANYTHING other than one verbal, talkative, loud, conservative, liberal, spiritual gay’s opinions. K?? Good.


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