Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I Am The Best Boyfriend I Ever Had...

I don’t mind being single.

No, seriously. Srsly. SRSLY!!!

I don’t mind being single. I don’t even mind being asked constantly if I am single. But lately, everyone seems to want to set me up with someone (generally, I don’t like this). Or people constantly ask me if I like it versus being in a relationship. (I do.)

If I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t be (wink).

But I genuinely like and enjoy being single.
I like having people to date, and maybe even someone that is special and consistent, but the main reason I truly feel that I can survive “alone” is… Well, I am the best boyfriend I ever had. Trust me, there is a reason I am single. I have picked some crazy ass boyfriends, and I realize that the “picking and dating” are all my fault. I own that. I have taken it in, and realized that I have a pattern of dating down. That I have a pattern of dating people that need a savior, or a caretaker, or a mom… And I am more than aware of my own faults that contributed to breakups… So, no surprises there… But I do think that the main reason is just that I enjoy being single and free.

I had decided a long, long time ago after someone didn’t treat me particularly well that I would never allow myself to be devalued or underappreciated again. And I have tried to hold that pact with myself. Now, I haven’t always been successful, but I haven’t just allowed it and gone along with it. But what I can say is that I will never be in such a position again. Why? Because. I am the best for me. I know what’s best for me. I love me. I will take care of me. I will fight for me. I will fight BACK for me. I will respect me. I will cherish me. I will never give up on me.

Plus… It never hurts to have a list of awesomeness about my relationship with me:
I never fight with me.
I always let me have the remote.

I never put my cold feet on me.
I don’t argue with me over the thermostat. In fact, I love how in sync I am with me over temperature.
When I buy myself a surprise, I always love it. Generally, I am good to me.
I have never missed my birthday.
I have never missed my anniversary.
I have never stood me up.
I have never made me feel ugly.
I have never argued with me over where to eat.
I love the restaurants I pick out for me to go to.
I know my favorite color.
I know my favorite drink.
I can answer how I take my coffee.
I have never had to wait on me to get ready for a date.
I love the same movies as me.
I know that when I need a bottle of wine and a blanket to watch sad movies, just let me run with it.
I know just how to turn me on.
I know just how to get me off.
I never tell myself I have a headache.
I am hilarious. I always laugh at my jokes…
I don’t think my mom is interfering in my relationship with me.
I won’t let me get too crazy.
I love my circle of friends.
I am not jealous of me and the time I give to others.

I trust me when I have to work late.

I never send me crazy text message or call me 80 times while I am working or traveling.

All in all, I think I am pretty kick ass boyfriend. And I am a pretty good date for myself. I crack me up and I like to spend time with me. I think we are getting pretty serious. Maybe I’ll even marry me soon. Or at least pop the question and get some nice jewelry out of it for me!!


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  1. Awesome list...and food for thought even when one is IN a relationship...there's no law against buying yourself something expensive and pretty when you deserve it!