Friday, December 16, 2011

Hola! Hello! Hellorrr!

Hola! Hello! Hellorrr!

How are you, Gentle Readers? How’s your fall holiday season been thus far? How was your Halloween? Your Samhain? How was your Thanksgiving? Do you have big plans for Christmas and New Year’s?

I will be honest, Life has just been so... busy. I have barely had time to tweet, and update Facebook; but I have been a woefully lazy blogger. I have lost almost all of my followers. Which makes me sad, but to be honest… It was probably for the best. I am revamping. I am reformatting. I am changing the way I blog.

I have taken some great advice and looked inward. And it was just about time. I had gotten into a rut with my life. My love life, my work life, my social life, and that crept into my social media and just my... existence. However, my situation has become so, so, SO different lately and being newly single, traveling more than ever, and being busier than ever with work and projects… Well. It’s time to dust off laptop (or in reality, probably my tablet and smart phone) and really seriously blog again.

I have noticed that I tend to go through cycles. In the late 90’s and early 2K’s I blogged furiously. And then I have off and on and with the advent of advancements in social media… it’s made it even easier. But it makes it easier to not take the time to properly do it. To really think about what I am putting out there and what I want to be or represent. I miss it, for sure. But I want to track some of the things and happenings of my life. I want to make sure I capture and share it. Use if for education, inspiration, and maybe even just good ole fashioned entertainment.
In fact, I decided right here and now that I’ll be changing the name. Oh, it’s still me. Michael. Michael K. MK, and the moniker that just stuck the longest: JustBeingMichael. So, iIt’s still Jus’ Bein’ Michael. Homespun southern charm. Witty repartee and good ole “horse sense” wisdom. But, I am going back to my roots. The southern ones. The ones where I try to find the good and not just the obvious snarky, deconstructive in everything.

So, I’ll just go by JustBeingMichael now. No more Michael Chronicles. No more glorified tales of drunken youth from years ago and how we taunted others, embarrassed our mothers, drank mercilessly, or just plain acted a fool. Like it was staged, or like we didn’t have anything to live for. I won’t shy away from the funny, and obvious, but I don’t think I am going to actively search for the snark anymore. I want my life to mean more. I want to make a mark. I want to be a helpful mentor. Or just a shoulder. Maybe just someone that is funny. Or entertaining. Or even just… there. Besides, I think that a gay, spiritual, professional that travels constantly has lots to offer in funny stories alone. My life is practically a reality show sitcom.


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