Wednesday, December 21, 2011

#DailyProverbs December 21, 2011

21:3 Do what is right and fair; that pleases the Lord more than bringing him
Now, I have heard this my whole life. Momma and Mamaw were big on the Bible, and on doing "right by folks". That actually doing the right thing, is better than doing the wrong thing and then having to make up for it, apologize for it, or repent for it. Now, that's not always the fun thing, or the popular thing... But it makes life a lot easier, in the long run.

If you don't get so drunk, you don't have to send apology texts the next day.
If you don't get so mad, you never have to make ammends for things said or done in anger.
If you don't gossip, you never get caught talking behind a friend's back.
If you don't lie, you won't ever have to lie to cover that one up and you won't have such a hard time telling the truth.

This isn't necessarily just a Christian value, or something because God will "get you" if you do something. It's just good, basic life skills on being a person of good repute, of keeping unnecessary stress and drama OUT of your life, and of just being a person that can be counted on to do WHAT they say, WHEN they say it.


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