Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Proverbs 16

Alright, so I do this thing everyday where I read Proverbs. Kind of like a horoscope-y thing. There are 30ish days every month and 30 chapters, so I read it.

Amazingly enough, every day, something applies. Also, because of all of the different verses, you never run out of cool stuff that is common sense to help with your day and life. Very meditative and very helpful.

Today's is:

Proverbs 16: 33 - "The lot is cast into the lap; but the whole disposing thereof is of the Lord."
Okay, so basically, making plans, casting lots, fate, everything....we plan for. Man plans for. But no matter what, the end outcome is of God.

Well, what does that mean??? I am living in the 21st Century already and some old guys from Proverbs days with abilities to be wise and see the future. There are several ways that we can interpret the whole lot casting thing:

1. Most people think that "What happens, happens..." I have always liked that one. Sometimes, Life just happens. Juse because you get a flat tire, doesn't mean you are getting punished...just because you break a nail, etc...

2. Pre-Ordination - And there are people and religious sects that believe that everything everyone does of every day is pre-ordained. Call if Fate, call it whatever you like.. It takes away choice and change-ability. Which is comforting on a level if you want NO responsibility in your life. Which I don't so much care for.

3. No Interference - Some people believe that God just sits up there and watches...kind of like we are an ant farm or a social experiment. I dunno, maybe that might have a ring of truth to it. But aside from the Gary Larson-like humor of makes a higher being seem....cold. Which I don't personally like or want to subscribe to.

4. Collaboration - I guess if there was a point I'd have to'd probably be this one. It's one where I believe that God let's live our lives...and we get to ask for guidance, direction, help...growth. Belief. It makes sense that if God is viewed as a parental figure...that we are meant to live our lives, make our mistakes...and get veered or directed as needed. I kind of like that view. For me.

Sooo, I guess that no matter what you believe, or what you decide you can do or not do in the "Grand Scheme" of things...seems like we have lots to cast. ;)

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